Event Details
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Nov. 29, 2016
Community Engagement at East Legon
  •  Lizzy Sports Complex
  •  Greater Accra
  •  Ayawaso West Sub Metro

About Event

The TransGov Communities team held one of our community engagement events at East Legon on Tuesday November 29, 2016. The event gave an opportunity for participants to use the TransGov mobile application to track development projects in East Legon as well as give feedback to their local authorities. 

Throughout the event, participants downloaded the TransGov mobile application and gave feedback to the TransGov team as to how to improve the application, what worked, what didn't work and also provided other relevant feedback.

In general, among the participants there was much agreement about the relevance of civic engagement and the TransGov team was praised for the innovative approach to getting citizens to engage with their local authorities. 

In summary, the event was very useful in getting necessary feedback as well as educating some citizens in East Legon on how to monitor and track development projects in East Legon and its environs.