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Recognizing the vital role of information in local development, TransGov is leveraging on Ghana's Open Data Initiative (GODI) to enable citizens to monitor and comment on the implementation and progress of developmental projects in their local communities and nationwide.
What TransGov Does
Our aim is to give citizens and duty bearers alike, access to timely and accurate data to help advance accountability, public involvement and data-driven decision-making in local governance. This we believe is key to creating an accountable and effective government, starting from the local assemblies.

Our field research indicates that many citizens are not aware of the actual state of development projects in their localities. The lack of readily available and accessible information has led to general public apathy. Our platform was created out of the need to increase citizen engagement, enhance information disclosure and dissemination and create avenues for citizens to engage with their local leaders in their communities.

We believe that our technology, which includes a web platform, a mobile application, voice response technology (IVR) and SMS, can help Ghanaian citizens to increase the level of influence they have on policies or programs that affect their well-being.

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